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Join our world-class team in building the future of video analytics. 
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Be Audacious: We solve worthy problems. We thrive on creativity and the ability to embrace change. We challenge prevailing assumptions and develop better solutions.

Be Sustainable: We give as much as we can and take as much as we need in order to be sustainable in all aspects of our lives. We make our mental and physical health a priority.

Be World Class: We are the best in everything we do. We do challenging work that aligns with our interests and passions. We realize our world-class potential and take charge of our own growth.

Be Good: We are good people. We strive to be a positive example of the good we bring to society in all that we do personally and professionally.

Be Clear: We adapt our personal communication styles to work well with others. We provide candid, helpful, and timely feedback to our teammates. We listen and understand before we react.

Be Valuable to Your Team: We understand our own strengths and weaknesses. We communicate our needs to our team members and we show value in the work we are doing.

Be Excellent to One Another: We are a diverse and inclusive team. We treat our teammates with respect and compassion at all times. We value our different backgrounds.


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