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The future of healthcare is video. We are tapping into cutting-edge signal and image processing using explainable algorithms to make the reading of vital signs more cost-effective, efficient, and safe for the patient and provider. 

Our Vitals by Video platform can access any camera - including the one on your phone - to continuously and passively measure everything from heartbeats to electricity. We can identify and track heart rate and heart rate variability, relative oxygenation saturation, respiration rate, and the quality of these signals. We are capturing oxygen saturation, and are currently working on blood pressure measurement. 


Our unique technology is contactless. The absence of a wearable, not only cuts costs for any personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for providers to take vital signs, but also lowers patient anxiety with a no-wire approach. 

Because of the contactless nature of our technology, we can passively take your vital signs. All you need is a camera for our technology to run.


Our advanced vision platform has made significant strides in handling highly variable motion and lighting. This allows our technology to see heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, and other health vital signs even under challenging conditions. Patients can take their vital signs while working out or doing other strenuous activities, giving context to providers.



Hospitals can utilize our Vitals by Video technology in emergency room triage to direct staffing to the patient that needs immediate assistance first. 

Currently, in the NICU, babies are already monitored by video, and our technology can replace or reduce the number of wires or electronics that are sitting with and attached to a newborn child.

Continuous monitoring of vital signs can even lead to a better determination of when a patient should be discharged, and, ultimately, help reduce re-admissions.


In-home fitness devices for at-home workouts are becoming more popular. With consumer interest in vital sign monitoring during exercise at home, workout systems offer external wearables that monitor vital signs at an additional cost. Our technology can use the integrated video system and provide vital sign monitoring without additional equipment, cutting down on costs and the need for a consumer to purchase yet another product.

There are also applications for this technology for athletes and physical therapy, as well as biofeedback-based applications to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and improve psychological well-being.


Our technology can be embedded into vehicle systems to assist in situations like drunk driving or fatigue with truck drivers.


As the world was impacted by the COVID pandemic, safety became a priority for both patients and providers. Our contactless technology allows a safer way to passively take a patient's vital signs in a remote environment. This opportunity gives the provider a baseline for a patient's normal vital signs, leading to a personalized medicine approach.


Other instances where Vitals by Video can be applied are for long-term inpatient care. Short-staffing concerns in nursing homes lends itself to the perfect use of our technology. Continuous vital sign monitoring of high risk individuals can help staff prioritize patient needs. 



Many other applications can use our cutting-edge signal processing technology. Our technology can be embedded in mobile, cloud, edge, or custom platforms. We provide full-service integration and consulting services to ensure a seamless adoption of our analytics into your solutions. 

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